Tapping, collection and boiling processes have changed!
Clancey designed and built a sugar house, started collecting maple sap using pipelines on our own property and at other local woodlots, acquired an evaporator and now we have grown to 2200 taps. We sell our maple syrup at ‘farmer’s markets’, special events and from our own home.  He takes pride in producing quality pure maple syrup and maple butter and in sharing that experience with our customers!

Maple sap is collected over a 4 to 6 week period from February to April as long as temperatures fluctuate between a freeze and a thaw. The sap contains around 2% sugar when it is collected from the trees. It is then boiled to remove more water until it becomes a 66% sugary syrup.
A wonderful maple syrup fragrance begins to fill the sugar house!
Clancey and Gale's Maple Products